Clinton police arrest woman with 45 cloned credit cards

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patelkumarieCLINTON — A New York woman was arrested after police said she tried to use fraudulent credit cards in stores at an outlet mall on Friday.

Police said Kumarie Patel, 27, of Rockaway, NY was charged with  45 counts of unlawful reproduction of a credit card, 11 counts of illegal use of a credit card, larceny and forgery.

She tried to purchase merchandise and gift cards at Clinton Crossing according to police.

Authorities said the store employees became suspicious when a card was declined and Patel would use another from a stack of cards. In addition, she also had a fake NJ license in her possession when arrested with a matching false name.  The numbers embossed on the credit cards did not match the numbers on the magnetic strips on the cards.

Police said receipts in her car showed she had made recent purchases in the tri-state area and had over $2,800 in merchandise from stores in Clinton Crossing.

She scheduled to appear in court on October 10.