The Stan Simpson Show — What wasn’t discussed at the debate?

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Hamden Mayor Tim Herbst, one of the state’s rising Republican leaders and Kenneth Kennedy, a former longer Hartford city councilman joined Stan Simpson to talk about the topics that were not discussed in the first presidential debate – and how that might influence the second debate Oct. 9.

Donald Trump's supporters in Congress are urging him not to bring up Bill Clinton's personal infidelities as he looks to rebound after the first presidential debate.

Trump was self-congratulatory about avoiding any mention of Bill Clinton's affairs during the debate Monday, but his campaign is now urging supporters this week to raise Hillary Clinton's treatment of the women involved as a salient talking point in the 2016 election.

But Trump's supporters in Congress, many of whom only slowly came around to supporting him, cautioned against those personal attacks Thursday.

'We need to stay on the issues that are important to the American people, you know?" said Rep. Bruce Babin, a Texas Republican, when asked Thursday whether Trump should bring up names like Monica Lewinsky and others.

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