The Real Story – Looking at the Clinton-Trump debate

Prof. Gary Rose, Political Science, Sacred Heart University, Fairfield joined Al and Jenn for an analysis of the first Clinton-Trump debate, and what each candidate needs to do more of (or less of) in the second "town forum"-style debate, in St. Louis, on October 9.

Anticipation for Monday's presidential debate partly centered on what was different about it: Hillary Clinton, the first woman to be a major party's nominee, versus Donald Trump, who honed his communications skills on reality TV and peppered rivals with insults during the primary showdowns.

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What emerged, though, was in format and outward appearance similar to debates past -- two people behind lecterns -- only this time featuring what appeared to be a seasoned politician and a political novice. And it was Trump, expected to earn points for style, who at times seemed rattled, one of several distractions related less to the content of what he said than the manner in which he delivered it.

The give and take didn't make for a sterling night, necessarily, as political theater. But for those who concluded that hosting "The Apprentice" would ready Trump for this sort of exercise, well, it turns out those are very different muscles than the ones he had to put to use on Monday night.

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