Bristol woman searching for three Good Samaritans who saved mom’s life on a plane

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BRISTOL - Three people, a male doctor, a male nurse, and a female nurse named "Christina," are being hailed heroes by the daughter of a woman who received critical medical aid at 36,000 feet in the air.

"I felt so helpless," said Tracy Dubois, daughter of Cheryl Dubois. "I felt so helpless. I just wanted to be there to talk to the doctors to be there to let them know that it's my mom."

Tracy says Cheryl and her father, Paul, were heading to Tampa on JetBlue flight 533 from Bradley International Airport on Monday. Shortly after takeoff Cheryl complained of chest pain which got progressively worse. Paul reported the incident to flight attendants who asked for a doctor on board. The trio sprang into action administering first aid until the plane landed.

"They started checking her vitals. Her lips were turning purple and going blue," said Tracy.

Cheryl is in stable condition at a local Tampa hospital. Tracy took her story to Facebook in an effort to try to find the three good Samaritans because the airline could not release any passenger personal information.

"I want to do more than say thank you I want to hug them and I want to tell them that they were our guardian angels and they were meant to be on that plane with my mom and to allow her to come back home to me," said Tracy.