Hurricane Matthew’s aftermath in Haiti leaves thousands cleaning up

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GRAND GOAVE, Haiti - The damage reports out of Haiti aren't good after the full brunt of Hurricane Matthew struck the impoverished island nation.

"It was intense, the wind and the noise, it was just a very loud loud storm," said Jonathan Larame, Director of the Be Like Brit Orphanage in Grand Goave. "The bridge on the national road is washed out and so there are literally thousands of people standing on either side of the raging rush of water that can't get across."

Larame says the nation's government appears to be slow on its disaster relief efforts and citizens, for the most part, have had to fend for themselves. The United Nations has peacekeepers on the island, but they also appear to be sticking to their mission and not being directly involved with disaster relief efforts.

Staff described neighbors trying to come to the compound seeking shelter during the brunt of the storm. "People literally came running to us," said Lamare. "One man, I saw, running into our building had, I was standing there and I saw,  a family coming. He had a baby wrapped up in a was a pretty surreal scene."

People at the orphanage, built to withstand natural disasters, are worried about neighboring towns and those who couldn't find shelter. "It's not so much a storm that comes in and goes and everything is over that there may in fact be other implications from this hurricane in Haiti, that it`s not a one time thing unfortunately," said Lamare.