Talk fast and drink coffee! ‘Gilmore Girls’ cafes pop up in Hartford

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HARTFORD – Good news, Gilmore Girls fans – Netflix is ramping up its Gilmore Girls promotion and it now includes free coffee.

On Wednesday, Gilmore Girl fans can visit Metro Café at 580 Farmington Avenue and Pete B’s Espresso on 300 Summit Street. Both pop-up cafes are in Hartford and opened from 7 a.m until noon.

People lined up around Metro Café and packed inside to get a taste of their favorite TV show experience.

At Pete B's Espresso on Trinity College's campus, Student Manager Kelly Vaughn said people came from all around the state, including East Haven, Durham and Derby.

"I got here at 6 a.m. to start setting up," said Vaughn. "I saw the first people waiting outside at around 6:30-6:40 a.m. and then we officially opened at 7, and there was a massive line."

Baristas wore flannel shirts and backwards navy baseball cats, copying the style of one of the show's main characters, Luke. Other details included 'Luke's Diner' signage, a "no cell phones" sign, special coffee cups and a stack of Rory's books.

Nearly 200 diners popped up across the country on Wednesday morning, marking 16 years to the day since the first 'Gilmore Girls' episode premiered. The pop ups are also promoting the Netflix revival of the show. Four new episodes will be released on November 25.

Meanwhile, Washington Depot, a small town in northwestern Connecticut, is gearing up for a big influx of visitors when they will be hosting the sold out Gilmore Girls Fan Festival from October 21-23.

Residents of Washington understand why their small town appeals to visitors with its beauty, charm and quirks: Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino was one of those visitors, and said it’s what inspired her to create the fictional Connecticut town and setting for the series: Stars Hollow.