Divide among state Republicans following Trump ‘Access Hollywood’ tape

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HARTFORD--Connecticut Republican Party Chairman J.R. Romano is standing by Donald Trump in the wake of his leaked audio tape from Access Hollywood.

"Everyone wants to focus on Trump," said Romano.

He hopes voters will be forgiving.

"He apologized," said Romano. "And my only hope is that we can accept his apology the way that Hillary and America accepted Bill's."

Several Connecticut Republicans have since created distance between themselves and their nominee. State House Minority Leader Themis Klarides called Trump's remarks "deplorable" and "disgusting," and said she is reevaluating her support of him.

In a statement to FOX 61, Senate Minority Leader Len Fasano echoed Rep. Klarides, saying: "I think Trump's comments are deplorable and disgusting. This type of behavior is exactly why I have never endorsed Trump."

Romano admitted he gets the point. "I completely understand why people reacted the way that they did. There's no question. But Donald Trump apologized."

Romano stressed that he wants people to judge based on actions rather than words. "Everyone is obsessed with language and words," said Romano. "Why aren't we looking at the fact that Hillary Clinton has done some of the most egregious things while in public office for the last 30 years?"

He added, "If a mistake in judgement is something said in 'Access Hollywood' versus a mistake in judgement in leaving men to die in Benghazi, you know, I'll take things said poorly than actions that have lead to disaster."

When asked if he thinks Republican leaders will ultimately vote for Trump on Election Day, Romano said he believes they will.

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