‘Unique’ Avon home up for sale, but the price is as strange as the interior design

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AVON — A thing of nightmares? A set for “American Horror Story”? A masterpiece?

There are many ways to interpret one home that’s for sale in Avon, but it’s hard to argue that the interior design is a bit different.

The description on the for sale page on Zillow describes the house as, “Unique one of a kind finishing completed by a professional!”

We'll start with what the five bedroom, four bathroom house, built in 1962, has going for it: A finished basement, fireplace, jetted tub, 2-car garage, pool and skylight.

The house is 2,949 square feet and sits on a .72-acre lot.

But while that's all good and well, it's the design taste that may leave you scratching your head.

From the scratched-up cabinet finishes and odd pot storage in the kitchen, to the gold accents on the wooden doors and odd affinity for textured, multi-colored wall paper, the house is quite the sight. Even the outside has clothing lines pinned up with a random assortment of letters and symbols on it, and the backyard has a netted patio.

Another oddity? The for-sale price. The house was last purchased for $243,000 in July 2001. The owners tried to sell it in April 2013 for $449,000, then removed the listing. It was relisted for sale in March 2015, but with a much higher price tag: $1,440,000.

Since April 2015 the price seems to have jumped several times, with a low of $285,000 in December 2015 and a high of $1,490,000.


The home's assessed value is around $250,000, but the owners are hoping to make a profit (well, it may not be a profit if the interior redesign was as expensive as it looks!): the latest price listing is $339,000 on September 8, 2016.

One Facebook commenter wrote, "If this sells, the realtor ought to get like 50% commission for their heroic deed."

What do you think? Would you spend $339,000 for this house?

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