Healthier Connections: Heart and vascular institute

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HARTFORD -- Malcolm Chapman, 71, of  of North Haven had a heart valve problem for several years resulting in feelings of  fatigue.

So, he turned to Dr. Sabet Hashim, an international leader in cardiac surgery. He created a new technique in mitral valve repair.

Recently, Dr. Hashim was appointed chairman of cardiac surgery and co-physician-in-chief of the new Hartford Healthcare Heart and Vascular Institute, created to give patients a coordinated, efficient approach.

Since 1984, Dr. Hashim has performed more than 1500 mitral valve repairs and 10,000 open heart procedures.

Now, three months since the valve repair, Chapman is grateful he has returned to his active routine, playing golf and walking the dog.

"I enjoy going out," he said. "I enjoy working in my yard, I guess I would say I enjoy life pretty much."