Local Donald Trump supporter unwavering in decision to vote for the Republican candidate

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HARTFORD--The last few weeks have been tough for the Trump campaign.

Last week, an "Access Hollywood" video taped in 2005 was leaked that showed Donald Trump describing women in vulgar terms, and him making comments implying he inappropriately touches women.

Then, this week, several women came forward to say that Trump had groped them or made aggressive sexual advances towards them over the years.

While dozens of leading Republicans have backed off their support for him or flat out withdrawn it, some of his supporters are more fervent than ever.

Nicholas Bacon, of Stafford, is one of those people, as is his mother and much of his family. Despite Trump's flaws, he's not changing his ballot come November.

"When you weigh Trump's cons to Hillary's cons, I mean, honestly, Trump is a drop in the bucket compared to Hillary," he said.

And while he agrees the tape was not good, and that women should not be spoken about in such a way, he says Trump's willingness to not hold back and speak his mind is refreshing.

"He's not a career politician. He's a strong--in my opinion he's a strong candidate who doesn't need to be bought. Unfortunately, all the politicians are usually funded by outside sources. He's using his own money to try and genuinely fix this country," he said.