Thanksgiving meals fill up a bus in Bristol

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BRISTOL -- People  gathered Saturday to help "Fill the Bus."

Necessities Cupboard was collecting donations from people who went to shop at a local Walmart in Bristol.

As people walked into the store, they were asked to shop for non-perishables and hygienic products to give to families in need.

Diane Bruneau who donated some food said, "Everyone needs help and you know it`s sad so I really enjoy helping it makes me feel good."

Marie White who helped organize the event said they've been doing this event for years now, and the number of families they help keeps going up. Nevertheless, she would like to see those numbers go down.

White said, "Primarily they`re single moms with young children who are already getting state assistance, but by the time the end of the month comes they`re really short and they don`t have the paper goods and the personal care items that they can`t get on their SNAP cards."

She said she hopes to give 95 families a Turkey by Thanksgiving. She said of those 95 families, 25 do not have access to transportation so she said the cupboard will be delivering the Thanksgiving meals to their doors.