Siblings of UConn student killed on campus say she had a true love for life

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WEST HARTFORD--Family members of the UConn student who was tragically killed over the weekend are sharing their memories.

Nineteen year-old Jeffny Pally, who grew up in West Hartford, was run over by a campus fire department's SUV early Sunday morning, right outside the campus public safety complex. She died from her injuries. The family says they were devastated when they heard the news after getting that 1 a.m. knock on the door from police.

Joel Pally, 23, and Jenny Pally, 22, saw their little sister as both an influence and one to be influence.

"She managed to be the mom of both of us and the baby sister," explained Joel.

Jenny added, "If we were both, like, stressed out and busy doing homework or something, she would like make us sandwich and say 'you got this'."

The elder Pallys said that they shared some great memories at Hall High School in West Hartford with Jeffny, who graduated in 2015. All three of the Pallys were able to attend the school for one year together, and were also on the track team at the same time.

Jenny said, "We've seen a lot of love from the West Hartford community."

Jeffny was an alter server at St. Timothy's Church with her brother and sisters. She also enjoyed working in the town's center at Avert restaurant.

At UConn, the sophomore was majoring in Allied Health Sciences. She was a member of the Delta Gamma sorority and also an RA in her dorm. Jenny said Jeffney "always called them 'my kids.'"

Joel and Jenny know their baby sister had a bright future, and say she had a true love for life. "I've been telling my friends, 'tell your brothers and sisters you love them 'cause that's what Jeffny did to us every single day,'" said Jenny.

State Police say Jeffny was sitting up against one of the glass garage doors at the public safety complex when the fire department's shift commander got an emergency call. When he exited the garage in his SUV to go out on a call, he ran her over, but he didn't realize he had hit someone until returning to the complex after the call.

A UConn spokesperson says counseling services are being offered on campus. On Tuesday night at 7 there will be a candlelight vigil on Fairfield Way on the Storrs campus.