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TOLLAND -- For many, buying a home is part of "The American Dream," but for some Connecticut residents that dream is crumbling at the foundation.

Gov. Dan Malloy is calling on FEMA to help thousands of Connecticut homeowners with foundations at risk of crumbling, or even collapsing.

It's a defect that may affect as many as 34,000 homes, and so far no one is taking responsibility, or is willing to foot the bill. After countless protests and meetings, Malloy is now reaching out to FEMA for funds, saying the crumbling foundations should be considered a natural disaster.

Jim Williams, who lives in Tolland and owns a home with a crumbling foundation, said this has taken a personal toll on his home. "It's bleak, I mean the emotional damage that it took on my marriage, it takes constant work," Williams said. "I don't even feel like walking into my basement because every time I walk down there I get anxiety."

Williams added it's especially hard on him as he's planning on going into retirement soon.

"Your home, as part of your retirement, to have that leg of your retirement taken away from you especially at 50 years old," Williams said.

He added that he's thankful for Malloy's letter to FEMA, but said it's just a step in the right direction and won't solve this problem.

For more of our coverage about Malloy's letter and the issue of crumbling foundations, click here.

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