The Stan Simpson Show – What will happen to UConn Athletics without a move to the Big 12?

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HARTFORD -- What will happen now that the Big 12 – and its big revenues – has decided not to expand?

It leaves UConn with limited options for financial growth. The Courant’s Dom Amore joins us for a chat.

University of Connecticut President Susan Herbst says she expected the Big 12 would decide not to expand and is not disappointed that UConn wasn't invited to join the conference.

Herbst, who also serves as chairman of the board of directors for the American Athletic Conference, tells The Associated Press that the experience of making a presentation to the Power Five league gave her a better understanding of where the American stands in the athletic spectrum and what UConn has to offer as a top athletic and academic institution.

"Most of the schools they were talking to were in our conference," Herbst said. "I think that shows, without question, that our conference plays at their level and are athletically and academically appropriate to be a Power Five."

Herbst said the school will continue to work to improve its revenue model, but that UConn is not actively looking to leave the American.