Eversource’s plans to trim trees in Wallingford to protect power lines angers residents

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WALLINGFORD -- Neighbors in Wallingford are concerned over a plan by Eversource Energy to trim trees that run along an 8 mile stretch of right of way where high-tension, high capacity power lines reside.

"When they come in contact with the lines they interrupt the electricity," said Frank Poirot, an Eversource spokesman. "These lines serve thousands and thousands of customers as opposed to the lines you may see on the street which serve maybe a street or couple hundred customers."

Homeowners who live near the right of way say they're worried about what the trimming will do to their land value and quality of life. Neighbors say the trees serve as a noise buffer, natural privacy barrier, as well as complementing the natural wildlife.

"It's a huge concern for us," said Brenda Tyler, who lives along Mulligan Drive in Wallingford. "I didn't buy my house for it to be devalued, I bought the house so that we would have value to it."

Neighbors heard the plan from Eversource officials at a Town Council meeting Tuesday night.

"That responsibility also comes with the need to balance the needs of abutting property owners as well and we're optimistic that we can do that," said Poirot.

The trimming is scheduled to begin in mid to late November.

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