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14 arrested in New Haven prostitution sting, police now looking to round up ‘Johns’

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NEW HAVEN — Police arrested 14 people in a crackdown on prostitution in the city’s Fair Haven and Dwight – Kensington neighborhoods

New Haven police said residents had complained about sex workers doing business in the neighborhood.

“The illegal sex industry is indirectly connected to other crimes including drug distribution, robbery and trespassing. Sex-workers are often raped, abused and otherwise assaulted. They are also much less likely to report those crimes to police for fear their complaints will land them in more trouble – both with the courts and with their ‘Pimps’ or those exploiting them for money,” said Officer David Hartman.

Detective Lieutenant Herbert Johnson said, “People want their neighborhoods back and we will do everything possible to make that happen. As someone who’s previously worked as Fair Haven’s District Manager, I’ve seen, first-hand, the effects of this type of crime… Quality-of-life issues and those more tangible. Children needn’t see dirty condoms littering alley-ways on their way to school.”

Hartman said the stings would continue and be focused next on those who pay for prostitution. “Johns…you’re next!” he said in a press release.

He added they don’t see this as a victimless crime since the illegal sex industry is indirectly connected to other crimes, including drug distribution, robbery and trespassing, and because sex workers are often raped or abused.

The following were charged with prostitution:

  • Gerrica Nichols, 25, of New Haven
  • Jessica Hernandez, 39, of New Haven
  • Jyreete Greene, 32, of New Haven
  • Antoinette Neal, 24, of New Haven
  • Brenda Martinez, 45, of New Haven
  • Jade Olsen, 32, of New Haven
  • Roxanne Raccio, 55, of New Haven
  • Jennifer Ballester, 33, of New Haven
  • Leila Rivera, 49, of New Haven
  • Teresea Mercer, 50, of New Haven
  • Joanna Rivera, 39, of New Haven
  • Dorothy Miller, 59, of New Haven
  • Monica Woodward, 27, of New Haven (who was issued a summons for prostitution)
  • Kelli Spencer, 36, of New Haven (who was charged with drug possession, not prostitution)
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