A fast track to ruin? Amtrak opponents fear high-speed plans in Old Lyme

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OLD LYME — Shoreline towns in Connecticut and Rhode Island are up in arms over a proposal to reroute high-speed Amtrak trains.

The Federal Railroad Administration is moving closer to a recommendation on how to improve the capacity, speed and resiliency along the Northeast Rail corridor.

The agency is expected to present its long-range vision by the end of this year for the nearly 500-mile-long corridor from Washington to Boston.

The small community of Old Lyme, Connecticut, is leading an effort to oppose one aspect of the proposed blueprint. That’s a 50-mile bypass that opponents say will ruin historic and tourist sites.

Old Lyme was home to early American Impressionist painters. Today, it’s known for its arts museum, arts college, well-preserved historic homes and marshlands.