Pizza vs. grinders: New Britain students hold mock debate, vote ahead of Election Day

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NEW BRITAIN--On Wednesday afternoon, students from Lincoln Elementary School in New Britain participated in a unique mock election exercise.

The students, who ranged in age from grades three through five, are part of Nutmeg Big Brothers Big Sisters. In partnership with their adult "Bigs" at Comcast, the "Littles" participated in a mock debate of pizza versus grinders.

Students were split into two teams and selected representatives to debate the merits of each foods. Students on the grinder side argued that pizza is an unhealthy fast food, while the pizza students countered that their food can be eaten for any meal.

After debating, the students cast their ballots for their favorite.

The mock election helped demonstrate democracy in action.

"I felt like I was one of the candidates," said fifth-grader Anand Persaud, who represented the pizza students.

"It feels like we're actually part of something," said another fifth-grader, Alaysia Lugo, who was placed on the grinder team.

Students at Lincoln Elementary are currently following the presidential election and learning about the democratic process. Wednesday's exercise helped reinforce those lessons and concepts.

"I do think it's important that they understand how our country is founded and the processes we go through to elect officials and why that's important in terms of making rules and laws that we abide by," said Mary Kate Pompano, Lincoln's interim assistant principal.

The students will learn the results of their election in a few weeks, when they receive a lunch featuring the winning food.