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Smoke from disabled Boston T train sends passengers running at Back Bay Station

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BOSTON–Chaos erupted at a Boston train station Wednesday afternoon after a T train began smoking.

A train on the Orange Line was disabled at Boston’s Back Bay Station at 4:40 p.m. on Wednesday. The MBTA said in a statement there was a propulsion issue on the train, but that a issue with the motor caused the smoke.

Doors on the train had to stay closed because it had moved away from the platform, but video on Twitter shows that when the smoke started coming, some passengers began breaking train windows to escape. Others in less smoky cars were able to get out in an orderly fashion.

“The motor person on the subway train called into dispatch that there were “propulsion” issues and as the motor person began to walk into cars to evaluate the situation he noticed smoke and began to alert passengers and start opening doors to allow passengers out.  Because no announcement had been made on the intercom, some passengers, understandably, began to self-evacuate through windows,” a statement said.

Three people had minor injuries.

The Orange Line had “severe delays” due to the disabled train for several hours, but service got back to normal by the early evening.