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Young Red Sox fan has dreams come true right in his backyard

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WINDSOR – A field of dreams has become reality for a Windsor boy after his backyard was transformed into his own version of Fenway Park.

Thomas Hastings, 10, of Windsor, has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and Congenital Scoliosis, and he’s gone through 14 surgeries.

Despite his struggles, baseball always puts a smile on his face, especially the Boston Red Sox.

“Ever since he went to his first game at 3 years old, he’s been hooked,” father Brad Hasings said. “He watches the games, he reads about the Red Sox and at night he even listens to the games as he falls asleep.”

His father said he was very set on what he wanted his Make-A-Wish to be: “Fantasy Fenway Park.”

“There’s a lot of tough days, but this isn’t a tough place for him, it’s Fenway Park,” Brad Hastings said. “It’s a place where magic happens, it's where the fun is, it's where he can forget about everything else and just be here, be himself, play with his friends, and it's probably for him about the greatest thing that could ever happen.”

The greatest thing, followed by throwing the first pitch out at Fenway Park in 2014.

Thomas said he wanted a wish granted that he could experience day after day.

“Not just one day that I get to go somewhere I get something that I could reuse and reuse,” he said.

Make-A-Wish Connecticut built the backyard baseball park in 34 days with the help of about 40 contractors and organizations.

The project entailed knocking down about 70 trees and leveling out the backyard which was a hill.

Since he spends half his time in a wheelchair, the entire park is wheelchair accessible. It also features the green monster, lights, the Citgo sign, and a press box.

The Red Sox donated real sod from the park in Boston. The University of Hartford baseball team also donated bleachers for the backyard ballpark.

“Sometimes we forget about all the positive things, and all the good people and how people can pull together and take something and make it something spectacular,” he said. “To really give him something that he could enjoy for many years to come, I think that’s the greatest part about it.”

The Hastings welcomed family, friends, neighbors and all those who pitched in to “opening day,” at the park Saturday.

Thomas is hoping his favorite player, David “Big Papi” Ortiz, will show up to his backyard park in the future.

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