Candy found to be tampered with at Halloween event: Clinton police

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CLINTON — Police are telling residents who went to a Halloween event at Joel School to examine it carefully after a box of candy was found to be opened, candy removed, replaced and the box re-glued shut.

dots2Police said a parent found a box of Dots candy that had been opened. All the candy in the box was red and the box had been obviously re-glued. Police said the candy should have been several colors and some glue had been dripped down the side.

Police asked parents who attended the Monster Mash at the Joel School in Clinton on Saturday evening to examine the candy to ensure it was not tampered with.

“If you aren’t sure if your candy may have been tampered with, we urge you to error on the side of caution and merely discard the candy.” said police in a statement.

Anyone with any information or who finds more tampered candy are urged to contact the Clinton Police at 860-669-0451 and report this. Officer Brian Corbin is investigating this matter.