Barbershop ‘poll’ adds levity to election season

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FARMINGTON -- As Election Day approaches, a Farmington barber is doing his part to join the national conversion.

Michael Russo, owner of Michael Anthony's Salon and Barber Shop, has been unofficially polling his clients by asking them to pose with a life-sized cut out of the candidate they support.

Russo said, "It's a good way to start healthy conversation."

There are full sized Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump cutouts in his small studio, and Russo says he using the props to try and unite voters.

"I'm trying to encourage people to have a civil conversation about this wacky election," Russo said. "When someone walks in, it kind of disarms them and they just start laughing."

After getting a trim, Trump supporter Michael Reyes, from Manchester, said, "Michael Anthony is about as American as they come and that means people can express themselves on both sides of the coin."

Reyes added, "I love the friendly banter to make haircuts great again."

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