Hartford police protect kids from ghosts, goblins, and of course cars

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HARTFORD – While kids collected candy in Hartford, police patrolled neighborhoods to protect and serve, ghosts, goblins and everything in between.

Hartford Police brought in a few extra officers to assure safety on the streets, saying it’s their presence which helps keep city crime down.

“As long as were out there doing patrols it tends to suppress a lot of the crime so we just try to be visible and put our cruise lights on,” Hartford Police Officer Doug Antuna said.

On top of officers on the road, there were several in the command center keeping eyes on cameras throughout the city.

It’s estimated children are four times more likely to be hit by a car on Halloween, according to the CDC, than any other day of the year.

Hartford Police say a big focus for officers is keeping the roads safe, asking drivers stay alert especially during rush hour when kids begin trick or treating.

“Some of these kids you can't even see them,” Officer Antuna said. “They've got dark costumes on.”

Officers urge drivers do not text and drive, especially on Halloween.

According to Hartford Police, Halloween can be hit or miss in terms of crime, but Monday night was mainly quiet.

“You hear on the radio now a couple of guys are out there right now, patrol guys, and they just grabbed a gun off of a guy in a car over up on Albany,” Officer Antuna said.

To help create a safe and Happy Halloween the Hartford Police Department PAL held a party on Williams Street to share the holiday with families in the city.