Hilary Duff apologizes for controversial Halloween costume

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Hilary Duff apologized to fans after her couple’s costume caused an uproar on social media, according to Fox News.

The “Younger” star and her new boyfriend, Jason Walsh, stirred up trouble when they showed up to a Halloween party dressed as a pilgrim and a Native American.

Duff’s personal trainer beau also apologized.

“I meant no disrespect. I only have admiration for the indigenous people of America,” Walsh wrote on Instagram. “In hindsight I would not have made that decision. I apologize to anyone I may have offended.”

Duff rose to fame as Disney star when she landed her own show, “Lizzie McGuire,” which premiered on the network in 2001. After it wrapped in 2004, she starred in several mainstream films and then turned her focus to her music career.