Ongoing drought means dried-up water wells for homeowners, business for drilling companies

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OXFORD--Sometimes, there is a such thing as "too busy" for small businesses, and our prolonged drought is making that the case for Grela Well Drilling.

The company digs water wells, which has become a dire issue with the drought. Homeowners statewide are dealing with dried-up droughts, meaning they need to be dug deeper. The issue has been especially pronounced on the edges of the state -- the shoreline, as well as the New York and Massachusetts borders.

"It's nice to be busy but this is over the top," said the company's president, Larry Grela.

Unfortunately, the problem is so bad that a little bit of rain won't do the trick, and digging deeper isn't cheap: it can range from about $7,000 to $9,000.

And with no significant rain in the forecast for at least a week, it really is becoming a problem, fast.

"There's so many families that are waiting for the next rain to come and it doesn't come, or the next storm to come and it doesn't come, and now they're getting a little bit scared because the ground's going to freeze and they will be out of water."

So his tip: Call sooner rather than later, especially since they're booked out about a month.