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Police: Waterbury daycare worker broke 3-year-old’s arm while trying to get her to listen

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WATERBURY--A daycare worker in Waterbury has been arrested after a 3-year-old girl broke her arm following an incident.

On October 24, a mother picked her daughter up from Kids Town daycare, located at 835 Wolcott Street in Waterbury, and noticed that the girl's arm was "hanging" strangely by her side. When she asked the teacher about it, the woman said that the girl was "acting up" and hurt her arm while throwing books around the classroom.

The girl was taken to the hospital that night after the arm began bruising and swelling, and x-rays showed several fractures in her bone.

Two days later she went to speak with a supervisor at the school, who gave the mother a written report from the teacher, which said the girl was misbehaving and had kicked one of the two teachers in the room, then pulled on a bookshelf, injuring her wrist.

The mother, who was upset at her daughter's injury and that the daycare didn't call to tell her about the injury, went to police on October 27 to report the incident.

On October 28, police visited the daycare and asked to see surveillance video from the classroom, which a supervisor said had been shown to the mother.

adnelly-moipardThat day, both of the girl's teachers -- Adnelly Moipard, 60, and Entela Lisi, 37 -- came in to give police statements on what occurred.

Both said that the child frequently acts up and says "no" to instructions.

Moipard said the morning of the incident the girl refused to sit with the other kids at a table to color and instead walked around and played with things in the room. Moipard said the girl did that for much of the morning, and later she saw the girl go over to the other teacher, Lisi, and kicked her in the legs.

A short time later the class was supposed to go outside, but the girl would not come ot line up, and instead was over by a bookcase. Moipard said the girl was grabbing it and pushing and pulling it really hard, at which point she let go and said "my hand." However, when Moipard looked at the hand the girl said it was OK.

Moipard said later that afternoon the girl said her hand hurts, so she put an ice pack on it. Moipard explained to the mother what happened when she picked her up, she said, adding she never saw the other teacher, Lisi, grab her arm.

Moipard never once mentioned in her statement that she had grabbed the girl by the arm, saying they only ever grab kids by the hand.

Lisi also gave a statement, which was very similar. She spoke about the girl kicking her, and about the bookcase, which she said was originally screwed to the wall but that the girl's force unscrewed it.

Lisi said that after she pushed and pulled the bookcase, the girl said "oh my hand," but that the girl didn't complain about her hand the rest of the day.

Lisi did not mention the ice pack. She said she wrote up a report and turned it in, and that at no point did she or Moipard grab the girl by the arm.

However, the surveillance video told a different story.

It started out how Moipard and Lisi said: the video showed the child walk over to a bookcase in the room and shake it twice, then it shows her starting to throw books with both hands around the room and at other children.

That's when the stories diverge. The video then shows one of the teachers, identified as Adnelly Moipard, grab the girl's wrist and forearm with both of her hands, then pull the girl by the arm after the child resists moving. Moipard is seen dragging the child to a chair to sit in.

The video also shows Moipard grab the girl's right arm at several other points in the day.

Police brought Moipard in again to speak with her and ask about the descrpancies, and she at that point added the girl had been jumping off chairs and pushing them around. When asked, she said she had grabbed the girl's hand but it had slipped her mind, so she didn't mention it.

When prompted, Moipard said she did grab the girl, but did not intend to hurt her and that she was "just trying to get her under control.

Moipard was arrested and charged with assault in the third degree, risk of injury to a child and cruelty to persons.

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