Local Muslim leader: ‘We hope and pray that we can work with the President-elect Trump’

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MERIDEN--With the divisive presidential being over, and America having a new leader, some local Muslim leaders are saying it's time to move forward. Together.

Zahir Mannan, of the Baitul Aman Mosque in Meriden, is ready to work with president-elect Donald Trump on a brighter tomorrow for all, including Muslims.

"We congratulate him for being the 45th President and hope to work with him for peace, progress and justice for all," Mannan said Wednesday.

He added, "Just as we had an unfortunate situation at our mosque, but collectively we were able to turn it around, we hope and pray that we can work with the President-elect Trump and work for just relations with countries, domestically and to fight for the freedom and justice for everybody."

The unfortunate situation that he is referring to is a shooting that occurred one year ago. In the hours following the terror attacks in Paris, a neighbor to the mosque shot at the building, riddling it with bullet holes. That man, identified as Ted Hakey Jr., has apologized, an in fact he has formed a bond with the mosque and is committed to helping them spread the message of "True Islam," which is peace.

When asked about the hateful rhetoric that Trump had on the campaign trail about Muslims, primarily that he called for a "complete and total ban" on Muslims entering the United States.

"Initially they were a little bit hurtful just because he kind of singled us out, but everybody is human," Mannan said.

He says it's time to unite and support the new leader of our country.

"We shouldn’t succumb to dishonoring the president, we should honor the president elect, he was elected democratically by us the people so we should honor that and that’s what the holy Quran tells us: to obey those in authority among you."