Riding away from politics and into the zone at Westport spin studio

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WESTPORT--Politics is usually spin city, but at JoyRide in Westport, spinning is a no politics zone.

Rhodie Lorenz, the cofounder of JoyRide Cycling Studio, says the lack of political talk is intentional to ensure people can clear their minds while working on strengthening their bodies.

However, the usual rule was harder for some gym-goers to follow on Wednesday, and the studio had a feeling people would need an outlet. So Susan Mihalick opened the studio early.

"A couple people were coming in visibly shaken," Mihalick said.

Lorenz was proactive about helping her customers while maintaining her studio's policy: "When I woke up first thing this morning, and I got the news of the election, I sent an email to our instructors and our staff."

The email said, in part, "Our time on the instructor bike and behind the desk should be a neutral zone...We may not always know as much about their deeply held political beliefs, and they come to JoyRide to refuel and shut the world out."

So how do they reach that goal?

"We teach our classes in a relatively dark environment with very loud music, and the purpose is to really allow them to disconnect from things that are part of their daily lives."

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