Taking the post-election pulse of Connecticut voters

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HARTFORD--Connecticut voters have expectedly mixed opinions over the outcome of the presidential election. At the Olympia Diner in Newington, customers shared wildly different opinions about the election.

"It was like the Super Bowl of elections," said Donald Trump-supporter Ralph Criniti of New Britain, who stayed up past 3 a.m. to wait for all the results. "I'm passionate about it. My whole family's passionate about it. All night, the whole family stayed up."

Criniti said he even slept next to his "Make America Great Again" hat because he was so happy.

On the other side of the Olympia Diner, Ray Duprey of Cambridge, Massachusetts, was mourning Hillary Clinton's loss.

"I'm wearing black today for a reason," said Duprey. "When I saw he won, I shook my phone and I slapped myself and I said 'no, there's no way.'"

Both Criniti and Duprey had plenty to say about the way Trump has spoken throughout the election.

"He's like a normal person," said Criniti. "He talks like we do."

"He's always, to me, sounded like a 12-year-old boy who had no boundaries," countered Duprey.

Duprey said the day has been awful since finding out the results.

"We've seen a couple of hundred people today, and everybody feels a really visceral fear and embarrassment," said Duprey.

Criniti, meanwhile, is hopeful that Trump will bring something fresh to the table.

"I feel like he does want to drain the swamp of Washington," said Criniti.