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New Britain police officer dances with teens in viral video

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Warning: The music in the video may contain language that is not appropriate for all audiences.

NEW BRITAIN -- Sometimes, the best way for police officers to build a relationship with those they protect is to just let loose.

That's what New Britain Police Officer Matt Sulek did this weekend when he saw a group of teens having a good time in a parking lot. He drove up and said he saw the kids "jamming out," but when they saw the police cruiser they started turning down the music. Officer Sulek wasn't OK with that--in fact, he told them to turn it back up!

Sulek got out and started dancing with the kids, and they formed a bond. According to Sulek, he learned two of the teens want to be police officers when they grow up, something he says he never would have learned if he hadn't gotten out of the car.

"It's what we're out there fighting for," Sulek told FOX 61 of his interaction with the teens.

He added that what the kids said at the end of the now-viral video--it's gotten more than 500,000 views in two days!--brought a tear to his eye.

"Yo, that just goes to prove that all cops are not the same. Stop blaming all cops for cruelty in this freaking world," the video's narrator said.

Sulek tells FOX 61 he's been with the New Britain Police Department for 2 1/2 years, and has been a police officer for about 4 1/2 years. He added that he spoke with the kids about what's going on in the world today, and the tensions between some officers and their communities.

Sulek's sister, Kaitlin, initially sent the video to FOX 61, saying her brother's "positive influence on the community is something that should not be ignored. This country needs healing and positive police stories."

Meanwhile, the teen who took the video, Jason Floyd, who tells FOX 61 that he and his friends attend New Britain High School, wrote in his viral Facebook post: "People say cops are all bad, racists, and corrupt. But this proves that not all cops are the same. Make Him Go Viral!! SHARE!!"

It's seems Floyd's wish has come true: his original video post got more than 500,000 views and 11,000 shares in two days, the video has been picked up by national outlets like Worldstar Hip Hop, which got 2.9 million views in less than one day!

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