Manchester Road Race festivities kick off with one week until race day

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MANCHESTER--The party has started!

On Thursday, the festivities related to the Manchester Road Race kicked off at a committee event. They also named this year's honorary chair, two-time Olympian Cathy O'Brien. O'Brien was the top female finisher in the race in 1990 and 1991, and set back-to-back course records.

With just one week until Thanksgiving--which is race day--a series of events will be held leading up to the 5-mile main event. On Saturday, the Little Manchester Road Race will feature runners 12 years old and younger in shorter races.

"The Manchester Road Race is part of the fabric of the community of Manchester, and the Manchester Road Race is in fact successful because of everybody that's in the town of Manchester and surrounding towns," said Jim Balcome, the race director.