Mother of Middletown baby thrown off Arrigoni Bridge loses home in fire, mayor asks for help

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MIDDLETOWN--Baby Aaden's death and his father's arrest drew national attention last summer, especially after a series of text messages between Tony Moreno and Adrianne Oyola were released showing the terrifying last minutes of Aaden's life.

Aaden and mom Adrianne Oyola

Aaden and mom Adrianne Oyola

Now, Oyola is facing another heartbreaking tragedy. On Wednesday, Oyola's home, where she lived with her mother,  was damaged by a kitchen fire.

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Capt. Michael Howley of the South Fire District told FOX 61 they got the call around 8:00 p.m. Wednesday to respond to Oyola's apartment on Summer Hill Road.

The fire was caused by an unattended pan on the stove, which left fire damage in the kitchen and extensive smoke damage throughout the apartment.

Now, Middletown Mayor Dan Drew is reaching out to the public for help.

"I think about Aaden every day not a day has gone by since it happened that I don't think of him ," he told FOX 61.

He has set up a collection box in his office at City Hall, which is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. They are asking for donations of women's clothing (size 14 pants and medium or large shirts), toiletries and linens. They are also accepting gift cards, but can not take cash or checks.

"Right before the holidays,  only a year and a half after suffering one of the most unendurable and unimaginable tragedies that you could, you know they need a little bit of a break," Mayor Drew said.

Middletown's City Hall is located at 245 deKoven Drive, and the phone number if you have questions is 860-638-4800.

Drew had a personal message for his constituents as well: "I was with Adrianne and her family a few weeks ago at an event to combat domestic violence. They are resolute but have endured more than anyone should ever have to. Anything you can do will be appreciated. Thank you in advance for your kindness and compassion for this family that has been through so much!"

On Friday, Drew told FOX 61 the response to his call for donations has been overwhelming so far.

One person who donated, Eric Kucher, said, "I just felt compelled. I heard about this family, they've already been through a lot and I wanted to be able to give at least a little something to help them out."

Just weeks before Tony Moreno allegedly threw his 7-month-old son off the Arrigoni Bridge in Middletown, Oyola applied for a restraining order. In those documents, Oyola said that Moreno "told me he could make my son disappear anytime of the day. He told me he would put me in the ground and put something on me to make me disintegrate faster."

However, a judge denied her request for a full restraining order after the temporary one expired.

In the minutes around the time that Aaden was killed, Moreno and Oyola exchanged several text messages, which said, in part:

11:41 Tony to Adrienne: You tried to take him away from me. You failed. I didn't
11:42 Tony to Adrienne: Enjoy your life without us now
11:42 Adrienne to Tony: Where are you?!
11:43 Adrienne to Tony: Tony I'm trying to make this co parent thing work!
11:44 Tony to Adrienne: Your not a parent anymore

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