Pet of the Week – Panda

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HARTFORD -- Panda is about 7 months old and she's looking for a great home.

This 34 lb mutt was hit by a car when she was just 5-months-old.  Her people never took care of her and were going to turn her to the street. She didn't require surgery due to the location of the fracture in her left leg, she also had 4 pelvic fractures, but with physical therapy she has full use of her leg and can walk, run, and play like nothing ever happened.

Panda is a high energy puppy and will likely be a high energy adult. She is always on the go and needs to be kept busy.

Her ideal home will be very active and look to keep her mind and body exercised. Now, Panda is getting three 30-minute walks per day and playtime with toys, but is still always ready to go.

Panda is a chewer and mouthy and although she is doing so much better with this, her family will need to keep her manners training up. Because of this, she would do best with older children only (teens and up).

She is learning to play with other dogs, but she will need to continue socialization with other dogs that will show her "doggy manners" such as in doggy daycare or with socialized dogs in the family/with friends. Panda plays extremely rough with dogs, so she would need a companion with her play style.

Panda also had a very strong prey drive; she wants to chase any little critter that scurries. So she would not do well in a home with cats, pocket pets or dogs smaller than her.

She is super smart and wants to please. She is very food motivated and will excel in training classes, agility, scent classes. Panda would do great with "a job."

For more information on Panda, or other pets that need homes, contact Protectors of Animals.