New Haven high schoolers hold unity rally to ‘push back on the injustices’ of election

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NEW HAVEN--High school students may not be old enough to vote, but several dozen of them took a stand on Friday for what they believe in.

Amistad High School students spent their Friday night on the New Haven Green at a "Unity Rally" organized by the school's Student Advocacy Club.

Tolu Adeniji, a student at Amistad who was at the rally, explained, "We come from a school that's full of minorities, all kinds of minorities, and we wanted to show that we are loved and that we're not going to let a hateful leader suppress us."

The peaceful protest was meant to "push back on the injustices of this year's election," and many students held signs regarding immigration policies laid out by President-elect Donald Trump.

"A lot of the rhetoric was hate and bigotry so we decided to stand up against it and show that we are united and we are loved and that we love everyone," Adeniji said.

Students united to chant: "The people united will never be defeated" and "I reject the president-elect" as they marched down the street with placards.

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