Snow gets in the way of one couple’s plans

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WATERTOWN -- Some parts of Connecticut experienced snow on Sunday and Maryann Remiszewski said she was shocked to see the snow accumulating.

"I am shocked staring out the window because yesterday we were walking around with no coats on and it was beautiful out and today it's this," Remiszewski said.

She said before Thanksgiving is a little too soon, given the warmer weather we just had.

"Yesterday my husband cut the grass, and today it's snowing so it's kind of a big change," Remiszewski said.

While many cars were out braving the snow, Pawel Remiszewski said the snow ruined his plans to go hunting. Instead he had to stay home and take care of his house in the snow, and his dog too.

"What we have to do is put her sweater on cause it gets a little windy over here," Remiszewski said.

Nevertheless, he hopes the snow came early so that it doesn't come back.

"I hope it doesn't snow too much this year just like we had a mild winter last year hopefully it will be nice," Remiszewski said.