Enfield couple asks for return of stolen statue depicting son serving in Navy

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ENFIELD–A statue that has great significance to one family was stolen from their yard, and they are just asking for its safe return.

Richard Donovan and his wife had a statue of their son Andrew, who is a sailor, in the front yard of their Moody Road home in Enfield for about three years. It was to honor him while he serves overseas in the Navy.

“The statue is our way of saying thank you to him, and keeping him–he’s ever present in our mind. And the other thing is, it’s also showing our respect for the military,” Donovan said.

However, the family noticed over the weekend that the statue was gone, and realized it had been stolen overnight, the flag left behind.

"If we don't get to see them but a couple of times a year at the most, and to have something stolen from you that symbolizes what our son is doing, it means a lot," Dovovan said of the loss.

The Donovans are heartbroken, and have placed a sign in the stead of the statue asking for the thief to return it out of respect for their son's military service.

The sign says:

To the person or persons that stole the sailor statue from the front of our home,

Our son and his unit are serving overseas and will not be home for the holidays. Show some respect for those in the military who serve and have served to protect your and our freedoms. Return the statue and be grateful for their and all military service.

FOX 61 is speaking to the Donovans now and will update the story with more information.