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SOUTH WINDSOR -- While many will be setting their alarms for Cyber Monday, one family is warning others after a fraudulent package delivered to their house.

Someone ordered four iPhone 7's under Carl Marino's name, to his address.

"We're going, 'Who ordered these phones, and it wasn't me and it wasn't me,'" Marino said.

Marino said he was home with his wife and son when FedEx delivered the package. Shortly after opening the box, the family heard multiple knocks on the door. Marino told his wife not to answer the door, and they called South Windsor police.

Here are some tips to make your Cyber Monday online shopping experience a secure one. 

"That was very weird, and the knocking at the door very quickly after opening the boxes and realizing this is a lot of money and why does it have my name on it, and why has it been delivered to my house. This doesn't seem like the kind of thing that happens by mistake," Marino said.

The family had a security camera outside their house that captured footage of a man who was waiting outside the Marino's house from 8 a.m. till noon. They have footage of him walking up to their house and knocking on their door.

Three men, including a UPS driver, were arrested in West Hartford in September for a similar scam. 

Marino said no money was taken from his credit card account, although he believed the four iPhones are worth about $4,000 all together.

The Postal Service has some tips for keeping your packages safe this season.

  • If  you won't be home, you can provide specific delivery instructions through the USPS website to have a package left with a neighbor or held for pickup at a Post Office.
  • Consider having packages delivered directly to a neighbor you know will be home or to your workplace.
  • You can also request a signature upon delivery.
  • Rent a P.O. Box at your local post office.
  • The Post Office says mail and packages should never be left uncollected in mailboxes or outside a home for any length of time.



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