WellCare has you covered for Medicare and Medicare Advantage

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HARTFORD - With open Medicare enrollment going on for a couple more weeks, FOX 61's Good Day Connecticut invited Yves Salomon from WellCare to give you the basics about Medicare and Medicare Advantage.

At WellCare, health care services are coordinated for people eligible for government-sponsored coverage, such as Medicaid and Medicare. WellCare focuses on people who really need help including low-income, elderly, disabled and people with complex medical issues.

Their goal is to help them lead better, healthier lives, because we know these people often have challenges in life beyond their health. They work hard to be part of the communities where they live and WellCare works with non-profit organizations in the community to meet other needs they may have, such as food, shelter, etc. They also seek to understand all of our members’ needs, and try to get them the right care at the right time at the right place.