Yale students petition administration to establish a sanctuary campus

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Yale University

NEW HAVEN — Students called upon the administration at Yale University to uphold its commitment to diversity and inclusion by declaring itself a Sanctuary Campus,

Yale University students and staff delivered a petition Friday with 2,400 signatures to Yale’s president asking for the school to affirm “the rights of all individuals to access education and employment, irrespective of immigration status.”

“In a climate of fear and hate, it is more important than ever for Yale as an institution to send a clear and loud message that our campus is safe for all students, staff and workers,” stated Faria Kamal, a Doctoral Fellow in the School of Medicine. “If Yale is to be an international leader in education and truly embody values of inclusion and dignity for all, it needs to stand with the most vulnerable members of our community and declare itself a Sanctuary Campus.”

Students said Columbia, University of Pennsylvania and Wesleyan have declared themselves Sanctuary campuses as well. UConn students have also made a similar request.