The Real Story – Comptroller controversy

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HARTFORD -- State Comptroller Kevin Lembo, taking heat from a Mississippi-based conservative Christian organization, the American Family Association, for having sent a letter inquiring about its policies on discrimination against gays, lesbians and other groups, which is prohibited under Connecticut law.

Lembo, a gay father, believes AFA should be removed from the list of approved charities for the state employee giving campaign.

"I'm getting about two to three e-mails a second into my inbox,” Lembo said from his office on Tuesday.

Lembo said callers supporting the American Family Association swamped his office's switchboard on Monday and Tuesday. As of Wednesday, Lembo's office had received over 10,000 emails.

It all started when a radio host on American Family Radio put a message out to listeners around the country, calling for them to e-mail and call Lembo’s office, saying he "discards Christian beliefs." American Family Radio is a division of the American Family Association.