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Thoughtful signs putting smiles on faces in one Connecticut town

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BRISTOL — There’s something good happening in Bristol and the signs are everywhere.

Around 20 people got together to paint and decorate approximately 50 signs, each baring messages of love, hope or inspiration.

The group of artists wishes to remain anonymous, but told FOX 61 they did it because people seemed so glum after the election was over and it felt good to do something nice for the community.

“It’s nice to see a smile on their faces, especially this time of the year when people give to others,” said Tom Kotos of Bristol.

The signs have been appearing all over town, mostly placed near traffic lights and stop signs. The artists say they’ll be moved around from time to time to try and let more neighborhoods get some of the warmth.

The financing for the materials came from donations and the artists’ own money.

“It’s awesome,” remarked Ken Cockayne, Bristol’s mayor. “I passed the first one a couple of days ago. I passed the first one and I was like oh that’s nice, and then I passed another one, and another one, and then it became apparent that they were popping up all over town.”

The signs will remain up through the end of the holidays.

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