German resident visiting family in Connecticut reacts to Berlin attack

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ELLINGTON -- People around the world are checking to make sure friends and loved ones are safe after an apparent terrorist attack in the heart of Berlin, Germany.

Julius Williams III is visiting his family in Ellington, Connecticut, but he currently lives in Berlin.

"I was like...not again," he said on Monday. "Because the same thing happened in France."

Williams has been using social media and text messages to keep in touch with friends who are abroad after 12 were killed and dozens more injured when a man drove a tractor trailer into a crowded market. Everyone he checked in with appeared to be OK as of Monday night.

Williams says he's been to the Breitscheidplatz Market several times and described it as a local hangout spot where people come to shop, eat, and pray at local churches.

"Yeah, people are just there at church, shopping, and probably going for a drink after work at the Christmas market," he said.

Williams will return to his home in Germany after New Years, but says he's preparing for heightened security measures in the wake of the attack.