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State Police out in force to ensure safe driving during the holidays

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HARTFORD -- With many driving either to the store or to holiday destinations, police are also on the roads trying to prevent tragedy.

Many people are out driving to spend the weekend with family, but State Police are asking you to be alert and aware.

Connecticut State Police put out a public service announcement in light of a number of people being hit by cars this year, and even this week. The PSA is one of the many ways State Police are trying to keep you safe this holiday.

On this busy travel week, FOX 61 rode around Hartford on I-84 with Trooper Christopher Valente to get advice on how to make it home for the holidays in one piece.

First of all, if something goes wrong with your car, Trooper Valente says to pull over to the side of the road -- and then stay inside.

"My best advice is just stay inside your car if you do become disabled and just call 911," Valente said.

Troopers will be out on the road in full force, making sure your drive is a safe one.

Valente said he's looking for specific things behind the wheel.

"Around the holidays I look for a lot of distracted drivers. A lot of people are driving pretty fast heading home to their family, which is expected, but again we're trying to keep everyone safe out here," Valente said.

Nevertheless, he said cell phones are the biggest distraction.

"A lot of people are texting and driving or trying to use their GPS while they're driving instead of pulling over safely putting in the address and then heading to the address that they're supposed to get to," Valente said.

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