Man starts GoFundMe page to ‘protect Betty White from 2016’

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Betty White (Photo by Toby Canham/Getty Images)

SPARTANBURG, S.C. — We haven’t even finished 2016, but boy has it been rough for celebrities: Prince. David Bowie. John Glenn. Alan Rickman. And now, George Michael and Carrie Fisher.

The list could just keep going on.

So as the year comes to an end, a South Carolina man is hoping to keep the legendary Betty White safe, at least through New Year’s.

Demetrios Hrysikos set up the GoFundMe page on Tuesday afternoon, according to FOX 61 sister station KDVR, and it raised more than $600 in just seven hours. Hrysikos is hoping to raise $2,000.

“Help 2016 catch these hands if it goes anywhere near Betty White! If she’s okay with it I will fly to where ever Betty White is and keep her safe till Jan 1, 2017,” Hrysikos wrote on the page.

Hrysikos says that if the 94-year-old doesn’t want “a strange Greek” guy’s protection, he will donate the money to Spartanburg Little Theater in South Carolina to “help craft new stars of stage and screen to carry mantle of the legends that have left us this year.”

White turns 95 on January 17.

The people who donated were in good spirits. One person wrote: “Great idea, Mit! Thanks for brightening our day and turning something bad into something good.” Another said, “We can all use a little more laughter in our lives.”

Most were more than happy to contribute, even if the money was just going to a local theater. For example, one person said, “What the heck. It’s been a crappy year. Betty may not need the “bodyguard” but the funds will help a local theater company.”