Return policies for major stores show overall leniency, but strict deadlines for some items

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Return policies for retail stores vary from company to company.

But while some stores, like The Paper Station in Newington, plan to work with customers because they know it’s the season of returns, others are tightening the reins.

Kohl’s, for example, set a January 31 deadline for all returns for premium electronics. In the past, the store had an open-ended return policy for all times.

Costco too cut down on major appliance return deadlines, making it just 90 days from the previous forever policy.

Meanwhile, Macy’s is requiring all returns be made within one year. The store’s policy used to be you could return at any time.

Target has a is 14-day return policy for drones and 30 days for other electronics and entertainment items; Toys ‘R’ Us has a 30-day return policy for most electronics, and other times have a 90-day policy.

Walmart, meanwhile, normally has a 15-day return policy for computers, drones, cameras, GPS units, tablets and other smaller electronics, and a 30-day return policy for televisions and software. However, they have extended those limits for the holidays. If you bought a limited return policy item between November 1 and December 24, then items with 15-day policies can be returned up until January 10 and 30-day policy items can be brought back by January 25.

But local still reigns with customer service for returns, it seems. The Paper Station in Newington says it wants to make sure its customers are happy to make it a win-win for the customer and the store.

“Here at The Paper Station, our return policy is if it’s an item we have sold you, if it’s defective, if it’s broken, if it doesn’t fit the person who’s received it, we’ll gladly accept it for a full return and you can either get store credit, you can get your money back, or a credit to your charge card, whatever is going to make the experience positive for all involved,” said Leon Davidoff from The Paper Station.