Former Shelton High School student arrested for hacking school system’s server

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Cell Phone

SHELTON — A teenager has been arrested after police say the teen hacked his school district’s computers.

According to Shelton Police, a former Shelton High School student was arrested on Thursday and charged with computer crimes in the third degree. The teen is being held in juvenile detention and will be in court Friday.

Police say that between November and December 2015 and March and April 2016, the school district’s internet service was disabled citywide. It was due to a series of DDoS, or distributed denial of service, attacks committed against the servers on a daily basis. DDoS attacks send a large amount of information constantly to a server’s IP address to overwhelm it and shut down the internet.

These attacks were done through a cell phone, which was traced to the teen.

The school’s internet is back up and running and has software installed to defend it from future attacks.