West Hartford Police arrest suspect in 3 December online sales robberies

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WEST HARTFORD — A man who is suspected in several robberies involving Craigslist and other online sales has been arrested.

According to West Hartford Police, Clifford Walker, 19, of Hartford, was arrested on Thursday after his alleged latest misdeed.

On December 29, a victim called police to the area of 198 South Quaker Lane in West Hartford to report that he’d been robbed at gunpoint. The victim said he’d posted a “for sale” ad on Facebook for a car, and an interested party responded. The two arranged to meet at the location.

When the suspect arrived, he asked the victim if he could test drive the car. The victim got in the passenger seat, and they set off.

However, after driving for just a block, the suspect, Walker, is said to have pulled over and taken out a handgun, which he pointed at the victim. The victim quickly grabbed the gun and used it to hit the suspect, and then realized it was a BB gun. The suspect got out of the car and ran away, but police quickly found him.

In this case, Walker is charged with criminal attempt at robbery in the first degree, carjacking, criminal attempt at larceny in the second degree and weapon in a motor vehicle. He was held on $250,000 bond and arraigned in court Friday.

Meanwhile, during the investigation police learned that there was a warrant out for his arrest from December 2, and another from December 14.

In the December 2 incident, a victim reported that he arranged to meet Walker after Walker expressed interest in buying a cell phone the victim posted on Craigslist for sale. Walker again pointed a gun at the victim, then used his own vehicle to ram the victim’s car as he drove off. In that case, he was charged with robbery in the first degree, threatening in the second degree, larceny in the third degree, larceny in the fourth degree, evading responsibility (for leaving after crashing his car) and other motor vehicle charges. Bond in that case is $25,000.

On December 14, police say that Walker stole a different car during another Craigslist transaction. In that case he also asked to test drive it, then told the driver to get out. That case adds a larceny in the third degree charge.

Police also note that Walker was arrested in West Hartford on October 10 after he was found driving a car stolen during an East Hartford carjacking. He was out on a $50,000 bond when the other crimes allegedly occurred.