Minimum wage rises across Connecticut

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HARTFORD -- There are dozens of businesses around West Hartford center and employees are starting off the new year with a little more money going into their pockets.

While many businesses in the center and Blue Back Square were closed Sunday for New Years Day,  the people who work in both these local and big businesses are getting a pay increase for 2017. Minimum wage in the state used to be $9.60 an hour, but now it's gone up to $10.10 an hour. This marks the final step in a series of three increases that Governor Dan Malloy originally signed into law back in 2014.

One employee from Green Tea House, in Blue Back Square, Luis Neves said he's thrilled with the extra money he'll be making as a college student, but said he still thinks he needs to be making more.

"It's a step in the right direction but I think overall if people are going to be working full-time they should be able to live on that pay. I think it would also be good for the economy people would be able to put more into the economy and it will keep it going," said Neves.

Connecticut is just one of the 21 states – whose minimum wage increased January 1, 2017.