Southeastern part of state braces for winter storm Saturday

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NEW LONDON -- While there are signs that winter is here, the season hasn't hit us that hard, for about the past year.

And who could forget the blizzard of 2015 when New London was punched by snow. While we won’t get totals like we did back then, this storm is once again giving southeastern Connecticut the worst it has in store.

Which means people like Wayne Ford who has been living in the New London area his whole life, will be staying inside.

"Just preparing for the New England snow storm we got some water some milk some eggs bread your typical rations to get through the snow," Ford said.

Crews from the DOT are preparing for the worst.

Kevin Nursick, a spokesman for the Connecticut DOT said, "We have basically salt residue down on all of the state roads from today's snow storm which will put us in a better position tomorrow when it starts to snow we'll already have that salt residue down."

Crews are planning on being on the road about an hour before it starts to snow.

"We've got about 634 state plow trucks at our disposal and we've got 250 contractors that we can bring onboard to help supplement our crews if necessary," Nursick said.

The fleet includes some new equipment.

"It's a plow that is towed behind a truck. That may sound kind of counter-intuitive to folks, but believe it or not, they're actually really, really, effective. They scrape down the bare asphalt very, very, well. And there's actually spreaders on them where they can apply materials," Nursick said.