Officials release photos of damage caused by prisoners during fight

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SHIRLEY, Mass. — Officials released photos of the damage done by inmates who refused to return to their cells Monday evening.

Officials said a fight broke out between two high ranking inmates in a “security threat group.” A security threat group is a term used by corrections officials to refer to a gang.  Other inmates were ordered into their cells in the housing unit while the fight was being investigated. At that time another fight broke out. Despite being ordered back into their cells, officials said a number of inmates  refused. Officials evacuated the staff for their safety.

The inmates damaged the housing unit according to officials, “Sprinkler heads were broken off, camera systems were destroyed, the computer system in the unit was destroyed along with extensive damage to much of the remaining parts of the unit.  Inmates utilized fire extinguishers and other makeshift weapons in order to destroy furnishings, windows, etc.”

The Special Operations Unit released an unnamed chemical into the unit and were able to secure the unit. There were no serious injuries to staff or inmates. Inmates involved will face disciplinary action according to officials.

Aaron Hernandez and Jared Remy are inmates in the prison, but officials would not confirm if they were in the unit in question. Remy, who was convicted in the death of his girlfriend, is the son of sports announcer Jerry Remy.